We help people reverse chronic

Unicorn experience.

The team at digital health company AndHealth is fueled by the knowledge that reversing chronic diseases is now possible.

AndHealth operates a Virtual Center of Excellence for migraine and is soon launching others for autoimmune conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. AndHealth is provided as an employer-sponsored benefit and direct to patients.

Read about our proven science, world-class team, and proven results in our latest Press Release.

Matt Scantland
Founder & CEO

Our personal experience with chronic disease

At AndHealth, deeper purpose is a common theme and a core value. It motivates us to act.

After his success starting and leading one of digital health’s first unicorns at CoverMyMeds, our CEO’s life-changing experience with chronic disease motivated him to found AndHealth, where he was joined by a team of experts that have dedicated their careers to root cause medicine.

Why our CEO started AndHealth

Key AndHealth teams

Engineers and product developers from leading technology companies

World-class physicians, health coaches, and care delivery experts


  • Cono Badalamenti, MD
    VP, Clinical Services
  • Robert Sheeler, MD
    National Migraine Expert
  • Rob Darling, MD
    Medical Director
  • Katie Moore, DNP, APRN-CNP
    Nurse Practitioner

Our specialists and coaches

Employer benefits and health plan experts

Senior leadership and employer team

  • Matt Scantland
    Founder & CEO
  • Caitlin Graham
    SVP, Operations & Patient Outcomes
  • Tom Blue
    SVP, Healthcare
  • Erica Conroy, PhD
    SVP, Employer Partnerships
  • Joann Chen
    SVP, Finance and Accounting
  • Mark Lorenz
    SVP, Product
  • Vicki Muscarella
    VP, Engineering
  • Ethan Pochman
    Head of Marketing
  • Sonja Horner
    National Leader, Broker & Employer Partnerships
  • Michael Bettini
    SVP, Sales & Business Development
  • Julia Phillips
    VP, Client Success

World-class investors

In late 2021, AndHealth closed more than $57 million in financing by leading technology investor, Francisco Partners, with participation from the American Medical Association’s venture capital arm Health2047 Capital Partners, Kirkland and Ellis, and Twofold Ventures.

The investment will fuel the company’s growth as an employer-sponsored health benefit to reverse chronic diseases.


Health 2047



AndHealth Badge

Not “either/or” health.

Wisdom can usually be found in and, rather than or. Many patients are forced to make tradeoffs when it comes to their healthcare, aligning to one particular approach.

Our name AndHealth symbolizes our commitment to whole-person healthcare where we help patients address root causes and know that both body and mind create health.

And also describes our approach to healthcare innovation, where we work alongside the existing system to transform care delivery, rather than disrupt it.

The values that
shape our culture

People First


Build Trust

Live And

Deliver Extraordinary Service

Purpose Through Progress

People First

Prioritizing our patients, our employees, our community.

— The patient comes first in everything we do.

— We are radically open to differences, celebrate quirkiness, and encourage authenticity and diversity in all of its forms.

— We win through our employees and attract and engage the people we need by being their best place to work and grow.

— We use our success to support our employees and the community and to make our service more accessible to patients.

— We listen and seek to anticipate and meet each other’s needs with kindness and empathy.


Creating a two-way street with our employees and with our patients.

— We focus on patient engagement, ability, and return on effort so that patients can reverse disease.

— We use small steps over time to build big successes. We focus on the gain, not the gap.

— We support growth and change in people, our company, and our healthcare system.

— Our employees participate in their own healthcare journeys and we make time and support our employee’s self-care so they can be at their best.

— We learn and improve continuously, and we use our voices to create the company we want to become.

— We make decisions closest to the customer and the work, and prioritize solid communication and broad employee leadership and engagement.

— We believe in enabling human connections, often via technology, that help patients and employees reach their potential.

Build Trust

The trust of others gives us the chance to do something new.

— We honor the trust of the people who count on us by doing the right thing.

— We provide expert care that is safe and effective.

— We relentlessly measure outcomes and communicate our results with integrity.

— We are transparent and treat people like adults.

— We aren’t afraid to admit when we don’t know the answer.

— We address issues promptly and directly with their participants, rather than in side channels.

— We operate on enduring values rather than rules.

— We take security and compliance seriously.

Live And

Whole-person health and collaborating with industry to make three quantum leaps.

— We enable disease reversal, rather than disease management.

— The patient is the hero of their health journey, and we are their guide.

— We work with the healthcare system to transform, rather than to disrupt.

— We continually seek to improve the effectiveness of both our therapeutic approach and our delivery systems.

— We are externally aware, and build on accumulated knowledge by looking both inside and outside the company for ideas; we are experts in our domain.

— We align incentives with our patients and customers.

— We recognize that the majority of our health arises from behavior, knowledge, skills, and habits that the average person can learn and adapt with the proper guidance and support.

— We understand that both body and mind create complete health.

— We recognize and acknowledge the visionary and passionate clinicians and scientists whose work and professional sacrifices created the foundation of our work.

Deliver Extraordinary Service

It is great to serve others, and people choose the company that delivers on their needs.

— Everyone we touch says “wow” because we truly care and we routinely do more than we needed to.

— We focus relentlessly on the success of our patients and customers, and deliver a high return on effort and ROI.

— We empower our employees to use extra resources, to be creative, and to go “off script” to solve for the customer.

— We notice the details, are convenient and easy to work with and are present and attentive.

— We practice servant leadership.

Purpose Through Progress

Growth is an outcome, not a strategy. Principles that create fun and success.

— We expand our capacity to improve the world and to create great careers by growing a thriving company.

— We are brave, do big things and believe that dramatic success is possible.

— We enjoy the journey and create joy in the way we work with each other.

— We know that results matter, and that we need to be winning in order to be thriving.

— We care about rapid progress, rather than urgent motion; to achieve it, we start with the end in mind (clear definition of success), and use focused action, data, experiments, and good judgment to advance quickly in the right direction.

— We are thoughtful stewards of our resources and know that profitability is the only long-term path to success.

— We reward and promote people that demonstrate ambition for our company and our mission, rather than for themselves or their area. We define ourselves by the success we leave in our collective wake, and win as one company.

— We care deeply and take ownership of the overall product or result we deliver, rather than going through the motions or confining ourselves to “my lane.”

— We have high standards and each produce work that is good enough to win, rather than counting on others to finish it; we can zoom in and out to see the big picture and the details.

We’re focused on 3 big leaps for healthcare

Dramatically change the cost of healthcare

Shift from disease management to disease reversal by treating the root cause, rather than the diagnosis or symptoms.

Support patients continuously

Support behavior change by moving care from a system that is episodic and on-premise, to a system that is continuous and virtual.

Improve outcomes and value with evidence

Improve our disease reversal protocols through real-world-evidence and AI.