Empowering patients. Inspiring change.

AndHealth has created the time, tools, and trust needed to help people reverse chronic disease.

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Not “either/or” health.

Wisdom can usually be found in and, rather than or. Many patients are forced to make tradeoffs when it comes to their healthcare, aligning to one particular approach.

Our name AndHealth symbolizes our commitment to whole-person healthcare where we help patients address root causes and know that both body and mind create health.

And also describes our approach to healthcare innovation, where we work alongside the existing system to transform care delivery, rather than disrupt it.

Matt Scantland
Matt Scantland
Founder & CEO

Our personal experience with chronic disease

At AndHealth, deeper purpose is a common theme and a core value. It motivates us to act.

One of our doctors, now a former migraine sufferer, started a 20-year quest that led him to pioneer a new way to find and address migraine root causes.

Our CEO’s life-changing experience with chronic disease motivated him to found AndHealth.

Why our CEO started AndHealth

Our Mission:

We help people reverse chronic disease

  • Dramatically change the cost of healthcare

    Shift from disease management to disease reversal by treating the root cause, rather than the diagnosis or symptoms.

  • Support patients continuously

    Support behavior change by moving care from a system that is episodic and on-premise, to a system that is continuous and virtual.

  • Improve outcomes and value with evidence

    Improve our disease reversal protocols through real world evidence.

A mission united by values we live

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People first

Prioritizing our patients, our employees, our community.

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Creating a two-way street with our employees and with our patients.

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Build trust

The trust of others gives us the chance to do something new.

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Purpose through progress

Growth is an outcome, not a strategy. Principles that create fun and success.

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Live And

Whole-person health and collaborating with industry to make three quantum leaps.

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Deliver extraordinary service

It is great to serve others, and people choose the company that delivers on their needs.

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Purpose through progress

Growth is an outcome, not a strategy. Principles that create fun and success.

Backed by leading healthcare technology investors

In December 2021, AndHealth closed more than $57 million in financing by leading technology investor, Francisco Partners, with participation from the American Medical Association’s venture capital arm Health 2047, Kirkland and Ellis, and Twofold Ventures.

The investment is believed to be the largest digital health seed-stage funding ever.

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