Learn about the company, our Migraine Reversal Center of Excellence, your care team, and what it’s like to be a patient at AndHealth.

What is AndHealth?

AndHealth, the first Migraine Reversal Center of Excellence, delivers its Migraine Reversal Program via mobile app. It includes every personalized treatment component needed to enable migraine reversal.

We believe all people want and deserve a life free from pain, and we’re your tool to achieve that. As a team of migraine experts, we’ll use root cause medicine to determine the underlying cause of your migraine condition. Your AndHealth Care Team will prescribe a treatment plan to address the root cause of your migraine which includes environmental factors, behaviors, and genetic disposition. From there, you’ll work closely with your AndHealth Coach on the Health Objectives (from stress to sleep to nutrition and movement) that have the biggest impact on your migraine’s root cause.

Our virtual clinic allows you to participate in your care using the latest in behavior science created by B.J. Fogg, author of New York Times Bestseller Tiny Habits and founder of Stanford’s Behavior Design Lab. Taking this revolutionary and proven approach to behavior change, AndHealth will help you experience success in migraine reversal.

We work within the existing healthcare system, collaborating closely with your Primary Care Provider and using medication if appropriate for your treatment.

How does it work?

Once you complete your intake assessments and labs as needed, we’ll assess the underlying cause of your migraine and create a treatment plan personalized to your root cause.

You’ll work 1:1 and through group coaching with your migraine expert AndHealth Coach, as well as your AndHealth Provider, to identify the key Health Objectives and likely biggest levers for migraine relief such as sleep, stress, movement, nutrition, medication and / or supplements as needed.

Using the latest in Behavior Design, you’ll work with your AndHealth Coach to identify specific Actions that fit in your life to build new habits geared towards migraine relief.

Using the App, you’ll reflect on your progress and at your own pace, adopt new Actions to reclaim your life.

What is root cause medicine, and how is it different?

Root cause medicine is treating the underlying cause of your disease, rather than its symptoms or its triggers.

There isn’t a silver bullet for treating migraine that works for everyone. There can’t be, because while migraine has just one name, it has many causes, unique to our physiological function and how our genetics are expressed in response to our past and current environment and lifestyle.

There are many root causes of migraine, and they can vary widely. For example, some migraine conditions are associated with the stress hormone called cortisol. And others are associated with musculoskeletal trauma or tension. Clearly, addressing cortisol levels will require a much different treatment approach than addressing musculoskeletal issues.

While the traditional approach to migraine may sometimes mask the symptoms, it will keep coming back until we find the root cause and adopt the actions that change how our physiology and genetics respond to create the disease.

While having the genetics for migraine can feel like we’re doomed to a fate, addressing our root cause is actually a skill that can be learned, making this a very hopeful approach for people.

It is important to understand that treating root cause is different than addressing “triggers.” That is because migraine is a “threshold disease.” You might think of it like this-as our lifestyle interacts with our genes, we are controlling the water level in a cup.

As the water level gets to the brim, a single ”trigger” might be the droplet that makes the cup overflow producing a migraine. That effect can make us think that understanding triggers is the key to solving our migraine mystery. But focusing on triggers usually fails because our triggers keep changing since any kind of droplet would cause the cup to overflow. The solution is to address the root causes of our migraine condition so that our water level goes down permanently and we can tolerate more droplets before the cup overflows and produces a migraine. This is what root cause medicine allows us to do.

What kind of results can I expect?

Patients who participate in AndHealth’s Migraine Reversal Program have achieved significant results.

A study of treatment results by the University of Maryland which included a group of participants who averaged 9.6 migraine days per month and 15+ years of migraine suffering, showed that 60% of participants no longer had a migraine diagnosis because their symptoms reduced dramatically*. 56% of those still experiencing migraine saw 50% or greater reduction in missed days due to migraine. And those still experiencing migraine saw a 29% reduction in migraine severity.

*Participants no longer met the ICHD-3 migraine classification.

Do you prescribe medication?

Yes, our AndHealth Providers can prescribe medications. If you were referred by your Primary Care Provider (PCP) who prefers to collaborate with us in your treatment, we will facilitate a consult with your PCP.

What medications can you prescribe?

Our AndHealth Providers can prescribe or work with your current care team to prescribe any medications that are clinically appropriate, including traditional medications like Triptans, as well as CGRPs like Aimovig, Ajovy, Vyepti, Emgality, or Nurtec.

Does AndHealth work with my current care team?

We are eager to collaborate with your current care team at your request.  We can help add additional tools and time to your care team to help expand their capacity to treat your migraine and collaborate on your treatment plan.

How will I use the App?

Your migraine support team and other tools are always a tap away. We’ll use the AndHealth App together to facilitate the care plan, communicate with your AndHealth Care Team, and to access your evolving treatment plan. This custom tool helps you create your recipes, celebrate your success, resolve barriers, and facilitate new actions. Using the app, you’ll realize success from the start. Daily, you’ll check in with your current relief-giving Actions, your current intention, to celebrate your progress, and to receive support. Through the AndHealth App, we are here for you anytime, anywhere.

Are labs covered as part of the program?

Yes, if your AndHealth Provider determines that labs may help determine if you need additional supplements and / or medications to address your root cause, they are covered!

Labs are an important part of the AndHealth program, adding precision to your treatment plan.

Where do I have lab work done?

If you need lab work and live near a LabCorp, your AndHealth Coach may schedule any tests your AndHealth Provider may order at your most convenient time. Results will be shared directly with your AndHealth Care Team who will use them to add precision to your treatment plan.

Do you take insurance to cover the cost of the program?

We cannot take insurance for your treatment plan at this time, however you can use your HSA or FSA.

Prescriptions will likely be covered by your insurance and we can work with you to help make sure they will be covered.

We also offer needs-based financial assistance and a payment plan, which is further discussed below.

Can I use my HSA to pay for my program?

Yes – we are fully HSA compliant. You can use your HSA or FSA funds to pay for the entire program, or part of it.

Do you have a Patient Assistance Program and how do I find out if I qualify?

We do have a Patient Assistance Program available. If you’re interested, please talk to your AndHealth Coach to apply. You’ll find out within days if your application is approved and what assistance you qualify for.

Is the program entirely virtual?

The AndHealth Program is entirely virtual, from sessions with your AndHealth Coach, working with your Care Team on your personalized treatment plan, to the AndHealth app experience. Outside of this, you can expect to obtain lab testing to further add precision to your treatment plan as well as work alongside your primary care provider who may add in-person office visits.

What are the backgrounds of the AndHealth Care team?

Our AndHealth Coaches come from many different backgrounds, including public health, social work, integrative nutrition, and more. Our diverse team brings their unique experience and expertise to create an exceptional and one-of-a-kind care team. Each AndHealth Coach has completed a rigorous migraine curriculum led exclusively by our AndHealth Medical Director, world-renowned migraine expert Dr. Robert Sheeler, M.D. Once the AndHealth Coaches become migraine experts, they work closely alongside Dr. Sheeler, who has held positions at the Mayo Clinic, is currently in private practice, and is hailed as a leading migraine expert in the medical community.

What is AND Health Providers?

AND Health, LLC combines cutting-edge technology, migraine research and data to create powerful migraine treatment tools that medical practices (AND Health Providers) use to help you reclaim your life from migraine. We reference AND Health, LLC and AND Health Providers together as “AndHealth,” but all clinical treatment and coaching is provided by AND Health Providers.

How long is the program?

Each person’s healing process is a journey. Our programs are designed to meet individuals where they are and support them until they get where they want to go.

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