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Study finds significant migraine reversal results

  • University-led researchUniversity medical school-led research
  • Calendar90-day study timeframe
  • Lightning IconChronic migraine sufferers
  • 9.6Average migraine days/month before program
  • 15+Years suffering with migraine before program

Clinical Findings

Disease reversal for the majority of patients

University of Maryland - Baltimore Migraine Study


of participants no longer had a migraine diagnosis after 90 days in the program1

60% of participants no longer had a migraine diagnosis after 90 days in the program.

Clinical Findings

Symptom reversal for those still experiencing migraine

56% saw at least


reduction in migraine days per month1

5.2 days x 12 months = 64 fewer migraine days per year



reduction in migraine severity1

Migraine Severity

Clinical Findings

More opportunities to fully participate in life


more people missed no work, school, or activities due to migraine, after 90 days of reversal program1

Father and son enjoying quality time

About the study participants

In a 2021 clinical study led by a University of Maryland Medical School researcher, 84 participants in the AndHealth Migraine Reversal Program were studied.

Of the 84 participants, 86% were over 40 and 88% had been suffering since age 25 or younger.

100% had previously tried medication and over 20% had tried at least 10 different medications during that time.

Shawn L.

“I’ve only experienced 4 migraines in the last 2 months, down from about 15 over a similar time frame.

I’ve also lost 18 pounds, moved my blood pressure from ‘elevated’ to within the lower end of normal levels, and avoided a sinus surgery.”

– Shawn L.

40 years old
Migraine sufferer for 15 years

Kristen K.

“I’ve seen many providers that just wanted to talk about treatment options immediately or see me once and then never see me again. Lots of short-term efforts. No results.

For me, the biggest differences with AndHealth are the true expertise, a detailed root cause-based treatment plan, and the frequent communication with my care team.”

– Kristen K.

36 year old
Single mom
Migraine sufferer for 19 years

Citations and Footnotes

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